About Us

Most of us originals gathered and became friends about a decade ago.  Growing tired of the censorship, bias, and algorithms on the Big 3 social networks out there, we decided in August 2018 to launch RealLiberty.Org.

We are all individuals with NO government association, or any political or corporate group influences.  Comprised of Veterans, business owners, retirees, roofers, disabled, and even unemployed, we're every day, average, awakened individuals.

There are multiple private individuals, all of us friends, who so-call own RealLiberty.Org.  We don't make money off of this.  This is not designed to be the next Facebook, but rather a freer platform to express yourself pretty much however you want; with only a couple exceptions (no pornography, and let's not share blueprints on how to make a dirty bomb).  That would draw the wrong attention, and we wouldn't last very long.

RealLibertyMedia.com has existed for a long time, and Grimnir is the owner and CEO. He is also a Partner here on RealLiberty.  Grim runs a media platform with various streams offering a wide variety of content.  You will notice in the right hand column of the site a "radio widget" which will allow you to listen anytime you feel like it; with links to Spreaker, and the most recently recorded podcasts.

There are so many choices to choose to be your new or alternative Social Networking home, and we hope you will consider RealLiberty.Org as well as our Partner sites amongst your options.

Here are some important facts to know about RealLiberty.Org

- We don't data mine anything.  Your information is yours, and that's how it should be.  We are so committed to this being the #1 rule that we don't care or require a real name, or a real email even.  You can literally register here and use nothing but symbols as your name, and enter a bogus email.  It simply doesn't matter to us.

- We have no ulterior motives.  Without naming some of the other alternative social networks, just use Google and find out who the owners are, do a little searching, and you will quickly find out how transparent or deceptive their intentions are.  Our intentions are simple.  We pay for this.  We don't use Google Adsense or any other mass advertising platform.  When you do that, you allow data mining.  We do not.  If in the future someone wants to advertise, it will be approved or denied on a case by case basis with no algorithms, and data mining will be prohibited always.  Any future advertising will be impression based on CPM or CPC.

- Our rules are simple.  This is your social network.  There is no so-called "Central Governing Authority" per say.  You're responsible for what you say and do; not the platform or website.  We of course cannot allow any pornography, and preferably no nudity.  That's about it.  If you don't like this or that person or culture, that's your opinion.  If someone else doesn't agree, then that person can unfriend and block you.  We are not here to be Internet Police.  That's the whole purpose of experiencing Real Liberty and Innate Rights.

- Be you.  Be free.  Enjoy Real Liberty.

If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to reach out to us through Contact Us.